And so, the end is near…

Phew, the last few weeks that I spent here has been really exhausting, but  lots of fun. As I told you guys last time I came back from Everest in one piece. Thinking that this would grant med the luxury of maybe resting for a few days turned out to be hoping for a bit to much. Only a few hours after I arrived in Kathmandu I met two really nice Swedish guys, A and J. They convinced me to join them for a bungee-jump the next day. That would have been nice and all if it wasn’t for the fact that the jump is the second highest in the world, a staggering 160 meters down a mountain gorge. 160 meters is pretty high. Trying (and actually succeeding) to ignore what I was about to do I even ate a pretty big lunch only about 45 minutes before I was supposed to jump. When there was about 4 of us left, I started to get nervous.
The platform from where one jumped was on a suspended bridge, so it wasn’t the most stable place to bee in the first place, with the bridge moving in the wind. Than you had to walk out on a platform of about 1X1 meter and take the biggest leap of faith in your life so far. Mentally, I have been standing on that small platform many a time before in my life, getting myself into situations that my body and mind screamed to get out of. So far in my adult life I haven’t backed out of one of these situations, and when the statistics for once was in my favor I wasn’t about to start now. So I jumped. Or fell, more like it. It was a fucking thrill, about 3-4 seconds of realizing that this was really stupid, than about 30 seconds of bouncing up and down and spinning around. Then you suddenly where laying on a table, gear being strapped of and the pride of actually doing it without soiling yourself got the better of me. Very happy, pretty proud.

Then, I went white water kayaking. That was nothing short of brilliant. The swedes (AJ) and me signed up for a 4 day kayak hike in the Seti River. One day in the lake (Ah, that’s right, we got a 7h bus ride to Pokhara first) and than three days in the (occationally) raging river. After the first day I mastered the Eskimo roll (rolling around under water and rolling back up), thus putting some pressure on me not to pull out (and sinking my boat) every time I rolled over. The next day, as the first small wave smoothly touched the side of my kayak I rolled over and pulled out. Very embarrassing. Eager to redeem myself I practiced more, and got pretty good. We went down the river and in the most violent passage (that actually was pretty rough with a small drop of about 1 meter) I flipped again, this time rolling back with the Eskimo roll to the shears of my instructors. For two nights we set up camp on the riversides in beautiful surroundings. It was like traveling trough the movie sets of King Kong and Lord Of The Rings. Loving every second of it. Getting trough some pretty rough currents during our tree days on the river it really got me up for some more kayaking, its definitely going to happen again.

Back in Pokhara, we allowed ourselves one good day of resting until it was time until the next adventure. Before coming here I planned on doing some Paragliding, since Pokhara is one of the best (and cheapest) places in the world to strap on a parachute. So, said and done, we paid about 800SEK for a one hour cross country flight and this morning we jumped into a 4X4 Landrover and got up in the mountains. Got a Serbian pilot and before I knew it I was running down the mountainside, soon getting airborne. It was really really nice. After some trouble catching any thermals we started spinning up in the air, getting some 2200m up above sea level, and about 1000-1200m above the city of Pokhara.  After one hour and a smooth landing my last big project of this trip was over. Higher than before, deeper than before. Signed, sealed and delivered.

Now I have 6 days left in the beautiful and absolutely amazing country that I have learned to love dearly. Its is fantastic and I can not recommend it warmly enough. I hope and pray this will not bee my last visit. AJ and me tried to rent some motorbikes to get back to Kathmandu, but since all companies are running their business in a single shop they don’t have pick up and drop of service likes Hertz or Avis would do in Europe. So the day after tomorrow there will be a bus ride back to Kathmandu, get some stuff sorted there and fly home on Friday the 15th, arriving in Sweden about noon Saturday the 16th. See you all soon.

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