Back in Hell.

So, came back to Bangkok yesterday. Apparently there is some kind of holiday because there’s pretty hard to get at room and the traffic is absolutely packed (riding around on the back of the motorcycle taxi again gave me a pretty good look on this first hand). Slept for way to long, but since I feel very sorry for myself having a fucking ear infection that is alright. Started my week long session (so far) of self pity last Friday as I started to feel a bit sick, sleeping like 14 hours or so. Got a bit of a cold, so as I wanted some more diving done I went to the local clinic. No joke, the doctor I meet didn’t look a day older than 9 (braces not helping). So it felt a bit like joke. Although, she was very nice and professional. “Soar throat? Here’s some antibiotics”. So I was on that for about five days, hoping they would wipe away what ever it was I got. Booked an Advanced Course with the same shop and instructor, really looking forward to the night dive and the deep dive (30m) the most. The same day I start my course my ear starts to fuck about. Haven’t had a ear infection since I was, I don’t know… Seven? Until now that is. Went to see the kid-doctor again. This time she had a nurse that spoke English like she was born in New York, but she claimed she was autodidact, only watching movies. Fair Play. This time she looked into my ear with and gave me the “Oh”. Never want to hear hat from a doctor, even if she’s only nine. “Very swollen. No diving for you. Take ear drops”. Thanks Doc. So that was it. The Advanced only being extras, it in no way has effected my experience or goals quitting, but it was a bit of a bummer. So, on ear drops and painkillers I wandered of to my Dorm.

Oh yes, the Dorm. What a crack. I stayed in this place connected to another dive school, called the Backpackers Hostel (they must have thought long and hard before coming up with that name). But what a great place to be. 8 beds and AC. First night I came I was invited to dinner at 7.30, and a group of about 6 or seven of us joined together and ate at a local Thai place. From there on it’s kind of hard to explain but we founded a nation (a monarchy) and the next few nights there would be about 15 of us eating and hanging out together. Being on antibiotics I was tee-total, but as our first Royal Highness (euhm, that’s what the ruler of this gallant nation was called, almost) left, I was appointed his heir. Very Honorable. First decision included deciding on where to eat, and I pointed out a Tex-Mex place witch left me with about 15 very unhappy subjects as it did not live up to their high western standards. All in all, I had a great time a Koh Tao. Very much thanks to where I was staying, and the crowd there. Could probably have ended up sipping on a lukewarm beer in all solitude a lot of nights if I didn’t stumble upon this merry bunch.

Now I am preparing myself for Nepal, hooking up with to swedes I met in Koh Tao. This enabling med from upgrading from my “single economy room” with a ceiling about 1.80m from the ground, (myself being 1.92, that is not ideal) to a triple bedroom with en suite bathroom, AC and satellite TV for two nights. A winner, if you ask me. Today I was at he MKB shopping center, a fucking mayhem of about five billion stores, average size about 5 square meters. Did some a little bit of shopping there. Tomorrow we are going to the weekend market (words largest outdoor market) to see what we can find. Plane for Kathmandu (via Delhi) leaves at 06:50 Monday morning, so that will kind of ensure a early start to that day, forcing me to leave the hotel at about 0400 hours.

The ear feels as if it is getting better, I am not looking forward to the popping sound (followed by as splash) my eardrum will make as it explodes out of my ear hitting the airplane window about 5mins after takeoff. So the med’s better be working. I will use the pill the nurse pointed at and said “You be careful, drug addict” just before she happily sold me some for 80Bath a pill (Paracetamol costing 100Bath for 10, I guess these ones are pretty effective). Not more than one a day was the recommendation, so that I will follow. As I followed her advice on the paracetamol. “Take these every 4 hours, not more than 10 a day”. Since my days don’t have 40 hours, I’ve been popping the white ones every 2-3 hours or so. Ear infection is a bitch. But, getting better.

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