Bangkok highrises and Bangkok backalleys.

So, the last 20 minutes before I continue my quest for inner peace and serenity I spend online. What else? Got a place to stay now in Koh Tao. At least I payed for one so I hope the place is there when I come tomorrow. It’s 19 o’clock here and I’m taking the Lomprayah bus and ferry overnight to Koh Tao. Then it’s a bit stressy to get my shit sorted before heading for Koh Panang where the fullmoon-party is. I am really reluctant to go, especially as I hate going to partys alone but it feels a bit stupid not to since I am so close. If something nicer shows I might skip it tough.

Yesterday evening was surreal. As I wrote my uncle (mothers side) is some type of hotshot scientist leading a lot of research for a cure for hepatitis C.
So he travels the world on different conferences and so on, and happened to arrive in Bangkok yesterday.Lets say the night was very sophisticated. It didn’t start out to sophisticated though as I first crossed Bangkok with a motorcycle taxi, hitting the inner backalleys of Bangkok. Great ride, horrifying traffic. That being said, I am impressed by the way the Thai handle their ways on the road. France, Spain and Italy is much worse if you ask me. As in most things, they feel very respectful. Anyway, it felt pretty surreal pulling up too one of the most acclaimed hotels in the world looking as the sleazebag I am. The firs stop for the night was the Peninsula Hotel, top notch. My uncle had a had a stunning view of Bangkok from his window at the 27th floor. We then took the boat upstream the river to dine Thailand’s finest cuisine at the riverside restaurant of the Oriental Hotel. The hotel is one one side and their famous restaurant on the other. The one we where at only serves Thai food though, so to be able to enjoy their Creme Brulee we had to take another trip to the hotelside of the river to eat this in their western restaurant. A short walk from there we had drinks on the nothing but crazy rooftop bar at the State Tower, Sirocco. By some viewed as the best rooftop bar in the world. As i only can compare this to Heaven 23 in Gothenburg, Sirocco definetly wins. Mad.

So, this morning I felt I had to come to my senses again so I joined in some Thai-boxing at a local gym. Funny enough I met some people who I knew from the club where I trained 5-6 years ago in Gothenburg. With a body looking as it was built with Lemon Curd and cookie dough I did the best I could. At least I didn’t fall down and die. The Thai trainers seemed to enjoy themselves anyway. Skipping the cableropes, mits-boxing, shadowboxing, it all felt familiar. Great fun, but you work up quite a sweat working out for two hours in 35 degrees heat…

Update: Altered the text a little bit, and now updating some from Koh Panang. I’m now at the sight of the full moon party, or what I guess you could call Bucket Beach. As I said earlier, not head over heals exited to bee here, but at the same time I had to see it for myself. Basically it’s a big beach whit stalls selling buckets (a bucket is a small bucket with 35cl vodka/whiskey and cola, redbull or whatever) for about 50SEK. Pumping music and to many Brits and Israelis to make you comfortable. I have a new found friend, a Chinese guy called Mao who I met on the bus to Koh Tao. Night bus, early boat, I arrived to Koh Tao and got a more decent room than I thought I would, so everything is fine. Anyway, we went here to Koh Panang, and apparently people don’t party as hard in China because i had to tell him about mushrooms, cocaine, ganja and so on. He had seen this on TV, and I felt it was my responsibility to warn him about the dangers of the drugs. I don’t know if it was some kind of communication problem but now he wants to try magic mushrooms and get into a fight. I am not as eager, on none of the options. I suspect a beer or two might go down, but the worst thing is my calves are killing we from the workout, can hardly walk. Anyways, hoping for a good night. Thanks for all the comments, hoping everybody is ok back home.

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