Fullmoon frenzy and Koh-Taoism. And pictures.

Well. Talked to someone abot the fullmoon party and we concluded thats its like the Eiffel Tower. If youre in Paris for the first time you are going to visit it even if you’re not intrested, just to know that you’ve been there. For me it was the same with the fullmoon party. I was almost there anyway, so having to see for my self what all the fuss was about I went there. It was a bit of all right, but if you look at it it was nothing i never seen before. The music and lighst at Fusionfest in Germany was much better, the heat and the beach I give them but after 02.00 the vibe was nothing else than closing time in Karlstad a regular saturday. Witch is a bad case of “bonnfylla”. But now I’ve seen it with my own eyes at least. Enjoyed most of it also. Partyd in moderation, got a goodfew dancemoves going and took the morningferry home at 08.30.

Koh Tao is a different story though. Took one day to recouporate from the fullmoon, and did’nt do much. The day after that I took a taxiboat to Ao Moung Bay. Bought a cheap set of snorkles that didn’t work so I couldn’t se much of the stuff below surface but it was a very nice day altogether anyway. The vibe on this island is very laidback. The big focus is diving and I signed up for a Open Water Course by PADI on Siam Scuba Dive Center here on the Island. 9000 Bath(2000 SEK) gives me the Open Water Certificate (allowing me to dive on my own down to 18m) and 4 nights of free accomodation in a single room. So its very cheap. Got a belgian instructor who seems nice enough and the place was recomended to me so I got a good feeling. I love this place, its fucking great. Long beach, amazing scenery, lots of diving and a bit of partying but not in a hysterical way. Hung out at a place called the Lotus Bar yeasterady. Even though I got molested by an Australian who coul’nt stop pulling my “fucking awesome ‘stach mate!” (all australians are also very strong, I’ve learned) it was laidback and really cool. The place is on the beach, people hanging out sitting on cushions and three amazing thaiguys plaing with fire. I loath all things hippie.You know the dreadlocked morons with Indian clothing dancing barefoot on every swedish festival playing with their fire poi? Well this was a different story. They where mad. Put on a good show for at least an hour and totally owned the place.

Thought I give a few snapshots of the journey so far. Haven’t used my camera much, but at least theres some pictures worth displaying.

“A nice place to go for vacation, they give you a room with no view down at the station.” Well, I’m not hear to stay in the room anyway. Bai Sabaat Guesthoues in Bangkok. Kind of liked it actually. Apealed to my slightly autistic side.

They like to know what they eat. Somethimes they eat birds, even tough wings are meant for flying, not frying. Bangkok.

Serving me food and then smiling in the picture. Even though the food left more to wish fore, it was a nice experience.

This is the dome atop the State Tower, taken from the bar. Jazzband is playing on the scene in the middle.

Here is the bar. As you can se the bar is hanging out into the air, with only a plexiglass abot 1.2m high protecting you from falling 100m to the ground.

Sor Vorapains Thaiboxing Gym 1. Very sweaty.

Early morning in Chumchon viewing the main pier (for real) where the highspeed Catamarans dock.

Sunrise viewed from the boat taking med from Chumchon harbour to Koh Tao.

Arriving in Ko Tao. Picture don’t give the sight justice.

On the way to Ao Moung Bay. The only thing I can hear in my head wathing the beautiful mountains and forests of Thailand is a angry voice screaming. “Seregant! We are pinned down by heavily armed VC. We need to take that ridge and outflank the gooks. Call in airsupport on Caharlie-Victor-Alpha-Alpha-Zero-Niner-Two-Four! Roger? Head two klicks east and advance from that position, they are dug in deep so get your mortars up front! Rendevouz at Hou Pah Bay at zero eighthundred tomorrow morning. Dismiss!

Ao Moung (Mango) Bay, taken from the hillside restaurant. I understand why people go here. It’s at least half decent.

Well, thats abou it so far. Reading the news I hope the people of the middle eat burn the castles of their tyrants to the ground. Only by destroing the old world we can build a new, and the fire lit in Tunisia, fueled in Egypth and now spreading troughout the regions is one well needed. There are no lampposts high enough for the likes of Kaddafi, Mubbarack and a long line of others. Take care!

“Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”

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