I ain’t looking for shit.

“So, Asia uh? Going to find yourself?”.
Whats the deal here? I don’t get it. So far I haven’t come across one singel person that “found” anything in Asia except diarrhoea and fungus. So, no, Im not lokking for myself. If I haven’t been able to find myself during 27 years in Sweden (mostly), 2 months in Asia won’t neither make or brake nothing. What I will fond though, is hopefully some sun, coralls, snow, altitude sikness and cheap food. I’m all for food.

There’s almost like a theme for this trip, as I am hoping to go deeper than ever before, and higher than ever before. I can’t just hang around, I need a projekt to focus on. So the project is a divers certificate in Koh Tao on the eastern side of Thailand, and Everest Base Camp in the nepali himalayas. Wish me luck.

So, update. After a solid 3h of sleep i went to the airport with a small but very relevant possey to fly off. For some strange reason I took of in the completely wrong direction by flying to London, there changing for Mumbai and from Mumbai venturing on to Bangkok. Being a newbie in the art of cross-continent flying the adventure almost got to a early end in London as my return ticket from Thailand was in the checked in luggage. This was evidently a problem, but I got saved by an Iphone where i could show them my e-ticket and the journey to the military regime of Thailand could continue.
Jet Airwais. What can I say? I felt like a king from start to finish. Great service, great food and drinks where included (Newbie did’nt find that out until the Mumbai-Bangkok flight though.) Arrived in Bangkok early morning. Shared a cab to Koh San Road where all my fellow european backpackers (and myself) enjoy the benefits of a liberal dictature amed on tourism. Since the old fart Mubarak could’t keep his shit together it feels good to support a regime whom does not falter to petty public opinion…

4:04 “You should all know that the money of tourists is like honey in the mouth of our opressors”.

As in any warm city there is a ever present smell of decompotion in the air. After enjoying the trip in to town I found a guesthose charging me 190 Bath a night (abot 5 euro), but then I of course get what I pay for. Basically nothing. I tried to stay awake but at around 15.00 I took a seven hour nap and effectively ruined every chance to get back into rythm. I’ve eaten maby 10 times, not paying more than 30-40 bath a meal (abot 1euro). So this country has some benefits. The plans is to get out asap and get down to Koh Tao, but I’m giving myself and I a few days to acclimatise. Well, thats about it. If anything exciting hapens I’ll try to write about it. If I’m boored I’ll complain. If there is no internet, well. Then I’m lost…

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