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Dear visitor

Greetings and welcome to ”Utrikistan”, or ”Abroadistan” as its English translation would be. I’m glad you stopped by, this is my own little world in which I write about what ever comes to mind. Most of its in Swedish, some of it in English and part of it in both languages. This blog started when I was traveling in Thailand and Nepal in 2011, but as writing kind of came back to me then I decided to continue writing after arriving back home, so I did.

Since you are reading this you probably know me already. If not, I´m a regular 28-year old describing what happens around med the best way I can. Everything I see kind of inspires me and makes me into what I am, and therefore also what I write. I write to learn, if you pick up something as well, that’s all good.

If you like or dislike what you read, please let me know. I only publish what I write to improve my writing, thus this blog is primarily something I do for myself. Most of the texts are written in about 3-5 hours, max. It´s not perfect, and not supposed to be. But all types of criticism, negative or positive, is welcome.

To access what is written in English, press the ”In English” category in the menu to the right of the page and these posts will come up. Some of them have a Swedish version on top and are then followed by the English one.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Yours sincerely