Le Premiere.

Ok, so I’m going to Thaliand and Nepal. Big Deal one might say. In someways it is, beacause this is something I’ve been striving towards ever since I as an 18 year old boy with no clue of the wonders of the world received a postcard from India. I was living in Ireland at the moment and now my old classmate from Highschool (Anna) had travelled to India. So there a door opened. A door leading out of Europe that I had’nt really thought about.

Now, a good decade later I finally got my shit together and lifted this hairy ass of mine outside of the ironwall of EU. Arrived in Bankok this morning after a wee flight of 18h on different planes. So, since Im easily boored, enjoy my own writing and travel alone (meaning I might have a lot of extra time on my hands, or not) I thought I might fill you in on some of the details. Blogging is nothing short of prententious, but what the hell. Aren’t we all? Oh, yes, I’ll be writing in english, since there is nothing worse then writing in swedish without the three last letters of our alphabeth. I tend to talk better than I write, so pardon my french writing, nobody’s perfekt.

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