Off to Everest!

Just a really short post this time. It’s about 22.00 o’clock and I’m leaving for the airport tomorrow at about 06.00. From there I will fly to Lukla, a small airstrip in the mountains to start a 14 day trekk, which will hopefully lead me to Mount Everest Base Camp at 5360 metres above the sea. I will sleep in lodges along the way, but still my backpack is fully cramped with stuff and really heavy. Don’t understand why, but I can’t figure out what I should leave. Hm, it will be a hard walk up there… After two days I will reach Namche Bazaar, the central hub of the area and there they have loads of hotels, restaurants and internetcaf’es, so maby you will hear from me again when I get there. Otherwise, it should not take me more than three weeks to get back. So, if I make it you will hear from me in 14-21 days. See you all. And again, thanks for all the feedback.

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