Seamen in semen.

So, since the last update there has been a lot of focus on diving. As I wrote last time I signed up for an Open Water Course and I am proud to say as of yesterday I am a certified Open Water Diver. Fucking A! This means I can dive all around the world, knowing the basics of diving. So I am looking to get some fun dives, and hopefully also a night dive before I leave Koh Tao. I had to leave the Siam accommodation and I’m now staying in a dorm with 8 others. But it has AC so that’s alright. Slept for like 13-14 hours this night, and then for an extra 2-3 during the day. Feels like the beginning of a cold, but I hope I’ll be OK, mostly because I can’t dive if I’m sick.

Anyways, diving is awesome! At first I wanted to be with some of the bigger dive schools, but they have 10-14 students in one group. Great for meeting people, not so good for learning. Instead, for the same price as they pay, I was the only one in my class. Maybe not as social, but great all the way. Had a really nice Japanese instructor, Miki, who was very organized and structured. Made it feel like everything was really easy. I mean, diving is putting yourself into at totally different environment, where yo do not belong at all. The first time you might be a bit weary (although I had to really control myself from not laughing all of the time while submerged) and having to do that with 10 others doesn’t seem ideal. So i got private lessons. Luxury. Started of in the pool for a confined water dive where I got all the basics. The next day we did two open water dives. That was really good. Cant remember all the fishes and corals we saw, but there was lots of it. Third day we had two morning dives, we went to a maximum of 20m and on the second dive, after completing my navigation training I was complete. Really great, and the first of my two big projects, and goals, of this trip is completed. I wanted to go deeper then ever before, and higher then ever before. Deeper is now complete, higher is yet to be conquered. That will be bee the though part.

The waters around Koh Tao is one of the best in Thailand, and also the world. The worlds biggest dive school is situated here (Bam’s) and there are courses in every way of diving, from free diving (no air) to tech-diving (multiple gas canisters, depths of 50-70m). I saw moray eels and blue angelfish. Although the visibility is somewhat impaired right now as the coral reef decided to have a giant synchronized ejaculation just when I arrived. So, as Miki put it, there was a lot of coral sperm fucking up the vision. You could still see about 10m though, but that is not at all as good as it could be. On one dive I was swimming beneath or diveboath on maybe 8m, and I remembered one of my favorite scenes from the movie “The little mermaid”. Its when the boat arrives, and they see it from beneath. It was exactly like that. Since I saw that when I was maybe 6 or 7 with my grandmother in the cinema I wanted to experience that. Well, now I have.

Apart from that not much has happened. The people I hung out with during the week all left, but I am constantly meeting new people. Today I am having somewhat of a day of, but during the next week I will try to do some hiking and travel around the island more. I wish yo all a great time.

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