They don’t play their ping-pong like Jan-Ove.

It feels like I have been here forever. And since I up until now had done nothing, I felt like a very bad tourist only walking up and down Koh San Road all day long. Koh San is the way hell would look like if it was an actual place. A few things have this street thought me about myself though. One is that I apparently walk around looking extremly horny.
I already knew that from when I was in Paris last august, because apparently a single guy cant walk around Moulin Rouge without being attacked and almost dragged into shady bars by near naked females promising God knows what. This same thing is going on right here, after 18 o’clock I cant walk down that road without the tuk-tuk drivers shouting at me “Big man, Big man! Sexy ping-pong fo you!” No thank you sir, I prefer rackets and a net when I watch a good game of the ol’ ping and pong. Jan-Ove Waldner is as sexy as I need that game to get.

Another thing is that besides looking horny, I also look like I am in dying need of a poorly handicrafted suit in low quality fabric. I’ve tried to explain to these guys, I ain’t no suit kind of guy. They don’t bother. This, (suits and ping-pong) together with chinese brassnuckles in abundance is not a good thing when the bloodsugars are running low, so I felt I had to venture out of Koh San and the side roads Rangbutri and Songmai (whom are much nicer). So, as the lord, I came to life on the third day, actually sleeping a whole night, waking up in almost accepable time and walking out into Bangkok. I thought i should head for one of the many vegiterian eateries I read about in my Lonely Planet Guide. Said and done, crossed the street and dind’t se any westeners for the nex three hours. Not kidding. Walked around China Town (I think) and passed the amulet markets by the riverside. Not one pale face around. Magic. Ate at Arawy, some small place connected to some veggie-cult. Must say that I’ve eaten better food in German squats, but when I asked if i could take a photo of the place the old woman who managed it put on her best smile so all was forgiven.

Then I got semi-hustled. The thing with the Thai is they are so friendly, so you don’t really understand when the hustling starts. Anyway, long story short. A nice guy starts talking wih med about all the places I should se, talks to a tuk-tuk driver, he takes me there, really nice guys both of them. Then Mr Tuktuk want me to go to some tailor, I say no, so he starts to look like Bambi. He explains he needs a voucher from the Tailor to pay for the gas, I don’t need to buy, only look for him to get his stamp. He might be talking b-s or that might be the system. Because I know loads of different stores have deals with the drivers to get customers to them. Since I was paing 40B for the ride it felt pretty shitty hustling HIM for the price of a McD niceprice burger at home, so I said OK. No suit for me. But, was I hustled or not? I’ll never find out, but the thing is it did’t cost me anyhing, so thats not much of a scam. The system is common in tourist areas, but I was a bit off guard being the only westerner arond, so…

Also, there’s a shameful amount of internet time for me now. The reason is I got a bit freaked out yesterday when I tried to figure out how the hell to get to Koh Tao, and where to live and so on. It all got sorted (well, the trip at least), as I’m taking a night bus on Friday and the early boat on Saturday morning to Koh Tao. Looking into accommodation and diving schools right now, but I’m a bit stressed since the full-moon party on Koh Panang is on Saturday meaning an influx in students at the diving-schools and subsequently also more trouble finding a place to sleep for me. We’ll see what happens. Tonight I’m meeting my uncle who is something as fancy as a professor at Karolinska Instiutet. He is holding some kind of lecture on a University outside Bangkok, and staying at the most expensive hotel in town. So, we are going to meet and have dinner. That’s going to be nice, and probably let me see somethings I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Like an expensive hotel. And expensive food.

We’ll, that kind of summons it up so far. Still not a big fan of cities. Its roads, pollution and people who want to sell you tons of crap. Be it London, Paris, Barcelona or Bangkok, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.

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